Peter Keating

2024/25 AEB Audit Requirements for GLH query


Has anyone seen the Audit Requirements for the 2024/25 AEB learning after the announcement of the change in how funding is calculated?

Using the ESFA's funding calculation example a diploma in engineering, in the engineering SSA, is 360 GLH and for 2024/25 the funding calculation is £9.60 (the new hourly skills funding rate for engineering SSA) multiplied by 360 GLH which gives a funding value of £3,456. 

We are trying to plan curriculum for next year so using the ESFA example, would we need to plan and evidence classroom training (registers) of the full 360GLH? Or are we able to plan to do the qualification in less hours and still get funded for the full 360GLH?

At the moment looks like we going back to the days of when we had to count up all the hours in a register in order to ensure we are doing enough hours in order to get the full funding

If anyone has heard anything or point us in the right direction on this as the ESFA/GLA are being very vague when querying this with them.



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Ruth Canham-James

The way I read the funding rate changes, is that they are just adjusting the way they use GLH and SSA rates to determine new funding values for each aim. I didn't think we were actually going to be required to count or evidence those hours, it's something they're just doing in the background and we'll just get the new rate.

Chris Roberts

I think Ruth Canham-James is correct.  We would always plan the programme duration based on the minimum ofqual guided hours found in LARS. If learners achieve early then you should be fine providing you have collected the correct prior learning/IAs and have the achievement evidence. Although auditors do love to count up the delivered hours :)  

Steve Hewitt

As my esteemed colleagues have said, the funding is generated by the Ofqual value and not the hours delivered BUT in certain areas of the country, CAs are getting very tetchy if you deliver less, particularly if it's clearly a lot (like 30%) less. Manchester, West Mids and Liverpool seem to be the most bothered at the moment, doesn't mean others won't be in the future (although no mood music from GLA that they are).

Rachel Carpenter

CPCA Funding Performance Rules 2023-24 (

12.3 Where a qualification is being delivered in less than 75% of the planned guided 
learning hours (GLH) as recommended by Ofqual, you must use the ‘other funding 
adjustment’ field to discount the level of funding claimed to align with the % of 
recommended GLH actually delivered (unless formally agreed in writing with the 
Combined Authority and in advance of the learning taking place)

Steve Hewitt

Thanks Rachel, didn't realise CPCA had gone down this line as well!