Neil Allen

AEB funding for those undertaking a degree


Hello - can we claim devolved AEB funding for someone who is also undertaking a degree?


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There used to be specific guidance on this in the national rules which were basically "it's OK for individuals, but you can't take a whole cohort" (the examples were usually "one person coming to join a GCSE class: fine, a whole group of Sports Science students doing a coaching badge: not fine) but can't see anything any more. So, unless the CA have explicitly banned it (and I haven't come across it), I'm not aware of any restrictions for this in AEB.

Ruth Canham-James

I'm glad you said that Steveh, I was sure that was the answer but then couldn't find it in the rules! I thought I had imagined it. It does say something about not funding something with overlapping content. 

Neil Allen

Thank you both so much for your help, sometimes it seems that you need to be able to read between the lines in the funding guides.


There's been a long term commitment to, how can I put this, streamline the rules so they don't include things it's OK to do, if that makes sense?

But, it's also why I've got an archive of 20 years of rules!!!