Katy Humphreys

Changing Learning Planned End Date


We have a learner that started a 12 month apprenticeship in November and the employer has now informed us she is term time only. Am i able to change the planned end date in the ILR and DAS and re issue contracts and extended delivery plan ?

i know in the 22/23 funding rules it states to not change the planned end date but i am unable to find anything relating to this in the 23/24 guidance.


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Ruth Canham-James

If it was a genuine admin error (which I'd say this is), you can change it.

It's in the PSM that you can't change Planned End Dates normally, but also explains what to do if it was a genuine error.

Term time only students can rarely be 12 months only, as their total hours per year don't usually add up to full time, so your minimum OTJ will end up below the absolute minimum if you calculate it over just 366 days.