Erica Phelpstead

Learner Support Funding (LSF) past planned end date


Hi does anyone know, if a learner is past their learning end date, and receiving Learning Support still, does the LSF amount need to be claimed through the EAS instead or can it still go on the ILR via the FAM code.  Can't see any specifics in any guidance?


thanks Erica 


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Ben James

Still via the FAM code. You'd just make sure the 'Date applies to' was updated to reflect the longer duration, which is required if the FAM code is LSF

Date Applies To: Field

If the learning aim has a Learning Delivery Funding and Monitoring type of LSF or ALB recorded, this field must be completed to indicate when this will be effective to.


If Learning support funding or Advanced Learner Loans Bursary funding is required beyond the planned end date of the learning aim, then the Date applies to field should be updated to reflect this


Erica Phelpstead

Thanks Ben,I saw this but just couldn't understand if we would still receive ILR funds as such if the learner was past their planned end date but having re-read from your extract it does seem to indicate so?  Thanks a lot!