Wayne Hosking

TNP04 Price advice



  Can someone impart some knowledge on what to do, bit of an odd one.

Learner started with APL reduction, around 50% of the funding band.

TNP02 made up £2400 of this.

After a couple of change of employers. the Price remaining on Apps indicative earnings is now less than the EPA price and the Completion 20% remaining is £1183. They are now past end date.

We've now had another change of employer, TNP03 = £0, what would I put in for the TNP04...? 

The correct value should be £2478 but there's only £1183 remaining.

Anyone else had anything similar?




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Louise Tomkins

Hi Wayne, 

We had this issue, the helpdesk simply told us to enter the full assessment cost in TNP4 as this would cap, but as we had not charged the full amount at start, this caused an issue in the ILR and an over claim, so we simply amended the TNP4 to be the adjusted remaining amount and TNP3 was entered as £0.

We have not been audited on this file, but I would simply explain that I didn't want to claim more than the total agreed at start, we could show the trail confirming the value of full assessment cost throughout, but that the final employer was technically only liable for the smaller value of funding remaining, which was less than the full assessment cost, the dfference had already been paid by a previous employer.

Hope this helps


Wayne Hosking

Many thanks

This is what i was going to suggest but nice to have confirmation.