Laura Coffey

ALN/SEN Registers in Apprenticeships


Good Morning,

I was hoping for advice around SEN registers.   

We currently have 0 learners with EHCPs, Statements of Special Educational Needs or Learning Difficulty Assessments (LDAs).  Or at least, not that any apprentice has disclosed.

We use a neurodiversity assessment (Cognassist assessment) during onboarding and identify learners with barriers to their learning and use the Cognassist reports for identifying ALN learners and applying for Reasonable Adjustments.

We also have apprentices who disclose ALN such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADhD etc during the onboarding process.

Is there clear guidance over what evidence is required for inclusion on an apprenticeship SEN register?


- If an apprentice discloses they had Reasonable Adjustments in school for dyslexia (suspected) but has no evidence to support this, are they included?

- If an apprentice has mental health difficulties, are they included?

- If an apprentice has physical health challenges that do not impact cognition, are they included?

If there are any strategies or models other providers have used, I would really appreciate hearing how you managed self disclosure, especially where there is no supporting evidence.

Thanking you in advance.  


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Sarah Kelly

We have a SEN register and record any disclosure on it, even when there is no evidence. We don`t claim any additional funding but do ensure we are providing support that is required. We would include all examples that you listed. From this, each learner has a support plan.


Martin West

A SEN resister is only a requirement in schools although it could be used in FE but inclusion on it is not necessarily an indication that LSF funding can be claimed in FE.

See the  funding rules and LSF guidance from DfE


Laura Coffey

Thank you both, really helpful.  For the register- it wasn't for funding purposes.  I was thinking more from an ESFA and Ofsted perspective.  If I was to analyse data for a "SEN cohort" I wanted to ensure any criteria I applied for inclusion on such a register was valid and correct.

Thanks again for advice.