Sharon Toothill

Extending the Apprenticeship Agreements


Hi all

Can I just check, we have a couple of learners who went beyond their planned end date's last year 22/23 so this was before the new rules regarding extending apprenticeship agreements came in.  They then went into gateway towards the end of last year, again before the new rules came into effect.  But they are currently completing their EPA in this year, so they are now over their original estimated EPA date, we wouldn't be expected to extend the apprenticeship agreements for these learners would we?




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Louise Tomkins

Hi Sharon, 

The following has been in the rules since at least 2019 - You must have evidence that the apprentice has an apprenticeship agreement with their employer, at the start of and for the duration of their apprenticeship.

We have always taken this to mean that when we extend their planned time on programme we must do a new apprenticeship agreement to confirm the extended duration. We build the apprenticeship agreement into our break in learning return and course plan extension paperwork to ensure it is always reviewed and updated, both being signed by apprentice and employer to confirm their agreement with the extended programme.

Our apprentices always have a valid and in date agreement when they get to gateway.

Hope this helps.