Neil Allen

Apprentice changes employer during EPA


Hi All,

We have an apprentice who is changing employer during their EPA, they started in January 2021.  The 23/24 Apprenticeship rules has this paragraph;

109. Where an apprentice has changed employer after they have completed all the training and reached gateway, including where the new job role is not related to the apprenticeship, they may complete the end-point assessment in agreement with the end-point assessment organisation and the provider that it can be satisfactorily taken and paid for. We will issue further technical details as to how this change should be reported to us including how the provider can claim the completion payment. 

Does this cover our Apprentice or is it only for August 2023 starter onwards.

Thanks for your help.



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Ruth Canham-James

I asked ESFA about this, and they said only new starts from 01/08/2023 😕 It's going to be really useful, just not yet. For now, you still need the new employer to fully sign up to basically just pay for the completion element.

Neil Allen

What a shame!  Thanks so much for your time Ruth.