Dan Hodgetts

Delivery Location Postcode for Online Delivery



Can someone confirm what delivery location postcode you should put apprentices where delivery is 100% online?

Learners home address / employer postcode / or training provider postcode




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Martin West

From the ILR specifications:

  • Where delivery is at more than one location, record the postcode of the location at which the majority of learning is delivered.

  • Where provision is delivered away from a learning centre, for example distance or e-learning, the following code should be entered: ZZ99 9ZZ.

  • Where the delivery point is a building site without a postcode the local provider's postcode should be used.

  • This should be the delivery location at start. There is no requirement for providers to update this information if the learner's delivery location changes.

  • For learners undertaking HE learning where the majority of learning takes place in the workplace, the postcode of the HE centre (or college) should be recorded in the HE centre location postcode field in the Learning Delivery HE entity.