Donna Hunt

Costs breakdown for Change of Employer


Good morning,  

Can anyone advise how they calculate the full TNP cost breakdown after there has been a change of employer and you have the residual TNP's?  

We have the full TNP1 breakdown at the start obviously but we had a learner pulled up in mock audit for showing the breakdown of the full TNP1 on the new employer agreement and not the breakdown of the residual TNP3 following the change of employer.

Thank you




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Ruth Canham-James

For the residual, our TNP4 is usually the same as the TNP2 (as the assessment price didn't change), and TNP3 is what is left of the total residual price.

Donna Hunt

Hi Ruth, thank you for your reply. 

This is the same as we do to calculate the new overall TNP, however, it's the eligible costs breakdown on the employer agreement that was brought into question. 

How do you calculate the breakdown of the eligible costs which make up the TNP3 when the learner changes employer part of the way through the course?