Neil Briggs

EHC ceased mid-year


Hi all!  We have an under 19 learner who, at the start of this year, was exempt from english and maths due to having an EHCP in place.  This was reviewed and yesterday was marked as ceased.  How do we manage this, as surely this late in the year they can't be expected to go onto accredited english and maths?  Or is this a case for the 5% tolerance (while it still exists)?


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I'd leave them as exempt as that's what they were when you planned their programme. Obviously, if they're back next year, then you can properly plan the appropriate M&E for them to do.

Neil Briggs

Thanks Steve, that was my initial thought.

Ruth Canham-James

I had to ask our support team not to untick EHCPs half way through a year in cases like this. The funding principals are always that their situation and fundability at the start of their course, should be maintained through that course.