Karen Horsfall-Smith

Maximum TNP and Completion Payment


Apprentice moves from Training Provider 1 (TP1) to Training Provider 2 (TP2).  Max TNP is applied with TP1.
TP2 conducts a Skills Scan and the figure is considerably less than the Residual costs calculated from the information provided by TP1. 
Does anyone know, if TP2 decides to "go with" the Skills Scan result (lower figure), does this in any way impact on the 20% completion payment as full funding (as in maximum funding) will not have been earnt?


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Ben James

The completion payment that TP2 could expect to receive will simply be 20% of whatever the (re)negotiated agreed price is. If they opt to look at what funding has already been received and work their price out on that basis, it'll be 20% of that. If they opt to "go with the skills scan result", which has worked out to be less overall, the completion payment will be 20% of a smaller amount. 

Karen Horsfall-Smith

Thanks very much Ben - this is what we were thinking so thanks for clarifying.