Ashleigh Gray

Change of Standard and QAR


If a learner changes apprenticeship standard part way through their programme of learning does this show as a non-achiever in the QAR?


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Ben James

If they're changing to a completely different apprenticeship standard with the same provider, then generally no, this is excluded from the overall QAR, providing you update the ILR accordingly:

Programme aims where Completion Status is 3 (The learner has withdrawn from the learning activities leading to the learning aim), the Withdrawal Reason is 40 (Learner has transferred to a new learning aim with the same provider)  and the Learning Actual End Date is before 1 August of the relevant year. 

Where an apprentice has transferred to a different apprenticeship, as above, the Learning Start Date for the new apprenticeship programme (matching on Unique Learner Number and UKPRN) must be 120 days or less than the Learning Actual End Date of the original programme. 

We will not exclude transfers from apprenticeships to other learning aims. 

If they're changing to a different version of the same standard, the answer is still no, as the ILR is not updated in this case:

258. Where an apprentice is moving versions, there will be no change to how their standard is recorded on the ILR; the provider must continue to record them on the ILR on the standard that they started on.