Chris Currie

Apprentice Transfer to New Provider


An employer is looking to transfer an apprentice to us as a provider staying on the same learning aim - is there a "cut off" in terms of the transfer - i.e. do we need to put the restart through on our ILR within a certain amount of time from the actual end date recorded by the previous provider? And if the transfer might take a month or two (possibly longer) would the previous provider need to put the apprentice on  a break in learning in the interim, obviously updating this to withdrawn and the appropriate reason at the actual point of transfer? Thanks


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Ruth Canham-James

No, there's no time limit. It's more like a withdrawal without a break. The first provider just withdraw when they left them (it can't be a break if there is no intention to return with that provider), and you just enrol when they start with you. We've had ones like that with several months in between. The key is knowing how much funding is left in the band, and that will be based on the previous providers Actual End Date/DAS stop date.