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EPA Resit with new employer who won't pay for resit


Hi all,

We have a bit of a unique scenario whereby one of our apprentices has failed their EPA and subsequently lost their employer.  This learner is highly unlikely to find a new employer within their apprenticeship sector, but the funding rules state that they can continue with "an employer", who will be unlikely to want to pay for the resit as it's of no relevance to them.

Obviously the apprentice can't fund this, and the new employer won't.  Am I right in thinking that it's literally down to us to decide whether we cover the cost of the resit or not, and if we decide to will the new employer (that we will need to record in the ILR) be asked for funds?  is there something we need to record in the ILR that will cover this scenario?

We've tried the helpdesk and just got sent instructions on how to record a new employer in the ILR.  Helpful.

Hopefully I've explained this well enough, it's a bit tricky to get my own head round.  Thanks in advance.


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I would check out've%20always%20told%20our,sit%20EPA%20with%20no%20employer for some useful discussion around this.

The completion payment will be the only outstanding element, if the learner is going to complete under a new employer I suppose you would need to agree to a proper sign up with a contract and price record for the remaining 20%, the new employer would need to be willing to pay from their levy account or make a co-investment payment where applicable.

Any additional fees you are incurring for resit will have to be paid by yourself if the employer is unwilling.

I would think from the above it will be a struggle to get a new employer to sign up to a contract for delivery, in case it will have to be recorded as complete- no achievement which will still release the remaining payment unless there the old employer has already stopped the DAS account to an earlier date in which case there will be issues.

Neil Briggs

Many thanks for the reply, I will have a good read through that thread.