Caroline Hudson

Co-investment report - % collected


I have several apprentices on the co-investment report that show % of co-investment collected (for all funding years) as 99.999993 or 99.999975 or similar numbers but the employer has paid the full 5%, e.g. £8000 TNP, £400 co-investment collected from employer but % collected is showing as 99.999975 because report shows that amount due in previous years is 320.0001 and 80 this year.  The report is showing that we have received the completion payment but I'm a bit twitchy about it being taken back if the % collected isn't showing as 100%.  Just wondered what experience other had had of this. TIA.


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Steve Hewitt

Oh, this is very interesting. I've told the tale many times of one of my learners who had £0.00008 outstanding where the completion payment was not released (must be three or four years ago now), so if your completion payments have come through then it sounds like they've put something in place to stop nonsense like this happening! If it's been released then I'm pretty sure they won't take it back... Would be nice if they actually told us about changes like this though, even where it only affects a handful of weird records...

Steve Hewitt

(I mean, it would be nice if all the calculations were only done to two decimal places but, in lieu of that...)

Caroline Hudson

I've raised it as a query with ESFA Customer Service - will let you know the response, when I get one

Becky O'Brien

We have a bunch of those too, and I just assumed they were ok given there was no money showing owing, and we had received the completion payment. 

But given the examples from Steve H and I think in the past part of an LSECT (when they were LSECT) seminar about issues with these parts of pennies I'm now very interested in what they say.

Steve Hewitt

Mine was super specific, in that the tiny amount had been created by switching the small employer flag on and off a couple of times (don't ask...), so there wasn't *any* contribution at all, maybe it's just more sensible when there is a contribution?