Linnea Clarke

Additional Standards to deliver?


Hello there,

We are looking to deliver 2 standards not in our current portfolio... does anyone know what we need to do, to be able to do this please?

I've used the webform asking for a case manager, but it's gone back around to the ESFA helpdesk and now will take 10 working days as been escalated to technical team?

Is there a different ESFA contact we need to ask for advice from? We do not have a territorial manager anymore...


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Steve Hewitt

Did they ever formally introduce a process to do this? I know they *talked* about it during the last RoATP refresh but did it actually happen? I... I think you can just do it?

Steven Edmondson

I believe Steve is right, haven't heard otherwise. Biggest hurdle is usually finding a suitable EPA and arranging an appropriate delivery plan with curriculum if working in FE.

Tracy Clement

And the APAR just says we are a main provider and nothing about for what.

Paul Taylor

You will need to update the section titled "Your standards and training venues" to add the new standards within your provider apprenticeship service account to allow employer cohorts to be processed in the service. Thanks Paul

Steve Hewitt

But this doesn't require any sort of permission or approval, does it Paul Taylor?

Paul Taylor

Just permissions from an IDAMS system POV to add the standards, as you say above they talked about but never seen any implementation for any approval process.