Eleanor Piper

SEND learner extra time on programme - how to fund


If we have a learner who has an established learning difficulty or disability, and our SENDCo feels that they probably need a little more time on programme than the "average" learner in order to complete successfully, can the additional on-costs (general apprenticeship admin, progress reviews etc rather than specific learning support activities) be claimed as LSF?

We are loathe to charge the employer more for an apprenticeship just because the learner has an additional learning need.

Interested to know how others structure this.


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Tracy Clement

Sorry, don't think that is a thing. By extending the programme you just get the same amount split over more months. We don't charge anything extra. You just get all the monthly ALS funding which will be more.

Steven Edmondson

Agreed with Tracey, you can give them more time on programme which will stretch payments accordingly but the provision of additional admin activity to facilitate this would be unlikely to be accepted as a reasonable adjustment.

Steve Hewitt

I think it depends what we're talking about and, also, if they're crossing £150/month and into EAS territory...

If their specific support is £100 a month, then extra admin is *sort of* built in (not our fault ESFA chose this way of making us claim the funding), but if they're already into EAS then you'd have to quantify the specifics of the extra support. An extra progress review because their planned learning is six weeks longer than usual, probably not, but if, say, the progress reviews were two hours instead of one due to communication difficulties, then you've got an obvious cost due to the learner's learning difficulty/disability?