Steven Edmondson

Care Leavers Bursary Post August 2023


Has anyone got any apprentices who would be eligible for the new £3,000 bursary showing correctly for the spread of payments in the indicative reports. I have  a couple of learners who crossed the 120 days threshold and so should be due the second payment but the indicative report is only showing the initial £1,000 for crossing 90 days. 

They are flagged with the usual 04 - Extended funding for apprentices code, am I missing some additional flag required to show these? I assume they should be picked up automatically based on the start date? Or is it possible the indicative is wrong and we are already receiving this.


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Linnea Clarke

Hi there,

We have been told by the ESFA that they will "manually" pay the 2nd and 3rd bursary payments to us, and we should receive notification of this on our Remittance...

Not sure why it can't be paid the usual additional payments way as adds another process into the mix...

Steven Edmondson

Incredible, just brilliant. Thanks for the heads up, off to our finance department I go to extract information that should have been indicated on the report that indicates!

Steven Edmondson

Any chance of a hint of what the notification looks like, I had our finance team take a look at some the documents they get but nothing seemed to jump out as being flagged as bursary. Does it appear as a regular list item for payment?

Lyn Joyce

Hi Steven

Ours shows as below on the remittence, however I am in the same position as you awaiting 2nd installment, but the 1st did show as the below.

16 to 18 non-levy apprenticeships additional payments for individuals (employer on app service) Reconciliation May 2024