Faye Latimer

Withdrawn while on a break in learning


We have a learner who has been on a break in learning that has then re-signed. Does anyone know what needs to be done with the learning aims? The learner never returned to learning before re-signing. 

Should the learning aims be re-started and then the completion status changed to '3 - The learner has withdrawn from the learning activities leading to the learning aim', or do we have to restart as if the learner has returned to learning and then do the withdrawal?

Has anyone dealt with one like this before?

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Steve Hewitt

No, just make the 6 (break) into a 3 (w/d) on their old aims.

Rebecca Drury

We sometimes have it where the apprentice went on a break in the last funding year but then withdraw instead of returning this funding year. In these instances we force include them in this funding year's ILR as they don't appear to be included in the batch file otherwise so, I don't think it closes their record fully. I'm not sure if this is completely necessary but we do it (we use Aptem).

Steve Hewitt

You *definitely* need to report them as withdrawn in this year's ILR if they were on a break at R14. Otherwise it will play havoc with your QAR. Student Record Systems (particularly those with an almost exclusively Apprenticeship-focused client base...) should be making this easy for you...

Ruth Canham-James

Our MIS system requires an annual "rollover" from year to year, and we always include current breaks in learning. We had to create a custom field to indicate which temp withdrawn enrolments did actually have a restart so we could tell which were actually still on a break. PSM does say:

You must continue to return all aims and financial records for the apprenticeship, including the records prior to the break in learning, until the apprenticeship is completed or the apprentice withdraws from the programme.

That is for every ILR return, regardless of year, until they withdraw or the restart has withdrawn/completed (and up until the R14 of the year in which that happened).