Ben James

KIT days 24/25 rules


Curious combination of circumstances boiling my brain slightly.

If an apprentice who is being taught via block release is planning on going on maternity in 24/25, but wishes to utilize KIT days to remain in training, how often do the KIT days have to be employed in order to avoid them having to go on a break in learning? Every month, or every 3 months (per the front-loaded/block release OTJ policy)?

246.4.1 from the 24/25 rules says that a break must be used if there is no plan for active learning within a calendar month block, which is subtly different from the 23/24 rules which say a break must be used if there's no training within a calendar month

Slightly hesitant to assume it's every 3 months, but this would be where my money would be. Any thoughts?


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