Vicky Hitcham

How to stop incentive generating for a transfer learner?


We have a 16 -18 year apprentice who is, in effect, transferring from a different provider and has already received the incentive. How do I stop the 2 x £500 being generated for us and the employer on the new ILR ? 




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Ben James

Are they transferring to you to continue the same apprenticeship? If so, the system should automatically recognize that the payments have already been made and shouldn't make them again. 

If the employer hasn't already they'd need to make sure they do the following to ensure proper continuity on DAS:

  1. Stop the apprentice's current apprenticeship on DAS
  2. Select ‘Change’ in the Training provider row
  3. Enter your UKPRN and confirm that they wish to move this apprentice to you
  4. You'll then be prompted (as the provider) to enter the new apprenticeship dates and price, and approve the change
  5. Once you've done so the employer will need to approve the details

Vicky Hitcham

Ben James. Thanks, but these are the last few Procured non-levy, so aren't on AS. They are on the same Standard.


Ben James

If they're on the same Standard then the first part of my initial response should still stand. You'd just have to ensure you record the transfer according to the appropriate published guidance.