Joanna Bartosiewicz

Functional Skills in ILR on Maytas


Is anyone here who claims functional skills funding in ILR through Maytas? 
I cannot find any guidance on how to claim it in ILR at all. I now know I need to add it as a new leaning aim but I'm confused what air reference I need to add. Do I apply for a specific one for my institution?


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Ben James

Maytas has 3 'types' of aim.

  • Programme aim (ZPROG)
  • Main aim
  • Other aims

You'll need to add each functional skill the learner is undertaking under 'Other aims' - this is found at the bottom of both the ILR Starter and ILR Leaver page/s. If you find out what awarding body your organisation uses for functional skills (e.g., City & Guilds, Edexcel, NCFE) you can then search for the appropriate qualification on Find a Learning Aim, where you'll find the learning aim number/s you're looking for - Qualification search results (