Jean Parry

Functional Skills codes



I am trying to add FS to some of our learners ILR's.  I can't seem to add the codes to the ILR we have been using for the last few years.  It won't let me add the Programme Type.

Does anyone know if they have been changed and if so where I can find what they should be now please?



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Ben James

When you say you can't seem to add the codes, are you getting a particular error when trying to do so? What codes are you trying to add?

Jean Parry

Hi Ben,

The codes are 60348069 for Maths and 6034605X for English.  The problem comes when I get to the Programme Type box.  There was a drop down menu and I selected 25 - Apprenticeship Standard.  There are now no options and the box is greyed out.  

I have also raised a query with our system provider in case it is an error from their side

Ben James

I mean, they're both still very much valid aims as part of an apprenticeship with no current expiration date. I suspect it might be something to do with your software provider rather than the functional skills themselves. I've just tested it on our system and they're both 'add' just fine.

Jean Parry

Thank you Ben.  Just thought I would cover both bases as the codes were changed several years ago.  I'll wait to see what our system provider comes back with