Ben Cowdery

PLR: 'Learning Event' report v 'Achievement' report


A 'Back to Basics' question for you.  If a learner is showing a FS with a grade of PA (Pass) on the 'Learning Events' report (no award date) is this sufficient to Apply APL even if the same aim does not appear on the 'Achievements' Report? 

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Ruth Canham-James

On the PDF? 'Learning Events' is ILR/NPD data, 'Achievements' is awarding body data.

The reason some aims with pass grades don't have achievement dates is purely because it was ILR/NPD date, and not awarding body data. It's really frustrating, especially when the outputs from the LRS don't include the Actual End Date, so we have to go and check one by one on the website to work out when the aim was achieved. I've had several other providers and EPAOs tell us we haven't closed something properly or it isn't admissible because it didn't have an achievement date, when they've just misunderstood the PLR data. You absolutely can use the rows with a pass grade, as long as they have an End Date and an Outcome that is Achieved. I don't understand why sometimes an ILR row appears but no corresponding awarding body row.