Ben Payne

Entering funding reductions for prior learning into ILR


Hi All! 

I have assessed a potential apprentice's prior knowledge to mean they have completed 20% of the standard already, leaving 80% of the standard fundable. After reading through the Provider Support Manual I know I have to enter 80 in the "Funding adjustment for prior learning" box to demonstrate this assessment. 

As well as inputting this adjustment there, would I have adjust my TNP 1 to reflect this reduction within the Financial Details, as well as the price entered into the DAS? I tried looking but could not seem to find the answer so any help would be appreciated! 





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Martin West

Hi Ben,

You include the prior learning in the TNP 1, the funding adjustment is not used for Apprenticeship Programme aim but only for ESFA funded Maths and English to adjust funding after a restart.



Yeah, if you've read that in the PSM, you might want to go back and read it again...

Ben Payne

Hi Steve and Martin, 

I see, I thought that box was specifically for demonstrating any funding adjustments for the apprenticeship programme. Now the PSM makes a bit more sense!

So just to confirm the calculation is a reduced cost in the TNP 1 as that then represents the costs of training deducted due to recognising the prior learning? Is there a need to change the DAS cost? 



Louise Tomkins

Hi Ben,

The Total TNP must match the amount in the DAS (Total of TNP1 & TNP2).

Hope this helps


Ben Payne

Hi Louise, 

Yes it does. Thought that would be the case, just wanted to make sure! 

Thanks :) 

Sarah Mann

Hi Louise,

What happens in DAS if TNP2 not yet known? We can only put TNP1. Can this value then be changed once TNP2 is known?



Jade Booret

Hi Sarah


Yes you can amend the value after, the employer will need to approve it once you have sent it.