Matthew Rogers

Health and Safety Form


Hi All,

Does anyone still conduct a health and safety assessment for new employers? We have simplified our assessment form in recent years but it now seems like a tick box exercise. All of our apprentices work in an office so I would be interested to hear what others are doing. We collect details for the employer's liability insurance but I can't see either document in the funding rules as a requirement.

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Matthew Rogers


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Martin West

Hi Matthew,

The advice from the HSE for Training Providers is:

The employer has the primary responsibility for the health and safety of the apprentice and should be managing any significant risks.  As the training provider, you should take reasonable steps to satisfy yourself that the employer is doing this

This does not mean trying to second guess an employer’s risk assessment or risk control measures, and you are not required to carry out your own workplace assessment.


Jessica De Melo

Hi Matthew,

We're in a similar position with all apprentices being office (or home) based. We ask for copies of each employer's Health & Safety policy.


Matthew Rogers

Thank you both for your replies.

@Jessica De Melo - that makes sense and I will look to update our processes here. Do you ask for a copy of their employers' liability insurance?