Erica Phelpstead

new OTJ calculation


I am, as i am sure others are, delighted that the OTJ is now a set 6 hrs per week but i thought the annual leave weeks no longer had to be deducted but i see the new "training plan (commitment statement)" has the AL deduction still in so is it in or out?!  




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Ben James

Very much still in

P43.2 When calculating the required amount of off-the-job training, the apprentice’s statutory leave entitlement must be deducted. Employees who work a 5-day week receive at least 28 days paid leave (20 days annual leave plus 8 bank holidays); this is the statutory leave entitlement referred to in this paragraph and is the equivalent of 5.6 weeks of holiday.

Erica Phelpstead

Great thank for prompt response Ben!