Erica Phelpstead

ILR reports for R14 errors DLOCK


Hi i am not getting the answer i need from the AS account helpdesk just an automated message for the TEchnical Team so hoping as always i can get some help here.

I have had non payment issues for 2 x learners and the helpdesk have given me advice to resolve but which of the ILR submission reports will actually confirm to me that i will now be paid (and backpaid) for these learners.  Both learners had moved employers mid programme. there was/is a D Lock to say the original employer had STOPPED the account but no other errors or data matches to tell me we wouldn't get paid.  With R14 fast approaching i need to be sure i have now resolved for payment?  Hope this makes sense!


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Henry Wish (ESFA)

Hi Erica Phelpstead,

 The AS Technical Support team will respond to all queries within 10 working days with an update to the query.  As you have received the notification that the team have received your enquiry, they will be working on this.

Thank you,