Kacie Robinson

Employer Identifiers


Hi all, 

We have done an R11 ILR upload today and every one of our learners has appeared on the report with the error EmpId_01 (employer identifier is wrong) despite the identifiers being on the ILR and being correct? 

Has this happened to anyone else or has anyone seen any communication from the ESFA to say if this is a known error? 



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Jessica De Melo

We have same the problem Kacie. Have raised with ESFA but not heard anything back.

Permanently deleted user

Hi Both,

I have also had the same issue this morning and also raised it with the helpdesk.  I know the same thing happened just recently and it was an error at the ESFA's side and they fixed it quite quickly, hopefully the same will be the case for us today :)


Henry Wish (ESFA)

Hi all, 

 This has now been resolved. Please re-submit your ILR to SLD.

Thank you,

 Henry W