Jessica De Melo

Dual Nationality - Apprenticeships Eligibility


Hi Everyone,

We have a learner who has dual nationality - French/British. They have been living here for 15+ years and their passport is French. Do you know where they fall in Annex A of the funding rules and what kind of evidence we might need from them? 



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Kelly Knights

If they didn’t hold a British passport they would need to apply for EUSS but as they are also British this would not apply.

Can they provide their UK passport so that you can document you have seen this?


Jessica De Melo

Thanks Kelly, they don't have a British passport for us to check

Ruth Canham-James

If they're dual nationality, and have at some point lived outside of the UK, I would absolutely expect them to have a British passport. I know we accept it when people self-declare themselves to be British normally (as not everyone has a passport to prove that), but if they've provided a French passport and declared dual nationality, I would be really pushing for evidence of British citizenship. I'd accept an expired British passport.