Aishe Rexhepi

OTJ records


Hi All,

This may seem like a silly question, but let's say it that way. Should we record the OTJ even if an apprentice completes the main qualification but the program cannot be closed due to FS? It is my understanding that FS is not included in OTJ. Are my thoughts on that incorrect?

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Laura Howard

Morning, you are correct FS Eng and maths are excluded

There are four key tests. To be considered as off-the-job training, the activity must: 
• Teach new knowledge, skills and behaviours;
• Be directly relevant to the apprenticeship standard; 
• Take place in the apprentice’s normal working hours; and
Exclude ineligible activities such as initial assessment and English and maths

Kei Nowland

We were told that providing the learner has completed the planned OTJ, content required etc then we don't need to keep recording OTJ if they are just waiting on FS, as they've learnt everything and won't be learning anything new necessarily. However formal reviews still need to go ahead and depending on how long completing FS takes, revision and refreshers may be required before gateway.


Aishe Rexhepi

Hi Kei,

Your prompt response is greatly appreciated. I had the same idea, but I decided to inquire because the apprenticeship rules are constantly changing.


Ruth Canham-James

Technically, as long as either OTJ OR English/maths activity is happening (and evidenced) every month, that's fine. I will say though, the OTJ isn't just on the main qualification (unless by "main qualification" you mean the programme aim?). We have plenty of apprentices not doing any qualifications other than English/maths, so all OTJ is on the programme aim.

We would always continue to record OTJ as long as it's happening, even if it goes above and beyond the plan. If you stop doing OTJ because they've done enough, then no, you don't have to keep trying to cram in more OTJ up to the end, as long as you've got evidence of attendance on English/maths.