Charmaine Keeley

Training complete for ZPROG but Functional Skills outstanding


Good morning,

Would just like to sense check when to update learners to 1 & 8 please. 

Where a learner has completed all training for their ZPROG and has met their OTJ hours, but has Functional Skills outstanding, should we be updating the ZPROG aim to 1&8, or can we only do that once all component aims are completed and the learner is able to enter gateway? 

Many thanks.


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Ben James

If they’re required for the apprenticeship then all of the learning activities are not yet complete, so code 8 would not be appropriate. You would need to wait until ALL mandatory learning is complete before updating the ILR in the way you’ve suggested.


Charmaine Keeley

Thanks Ben James.

So if the last thing they complete is their Functional Skills, would we use the date from that activity as the AED against the ZPROG and the FS component aim? I'm assuming the AED for the ZPROG can't be earlier than any of the component aim AEDs. 

Ruth Canham-James

Uniquely for English and maths components, those end dates can be later than the programme aim, but that would only be if the FS they were doing were above and beyond what was required for the Standard. As Ben said, if they were required, the AED of the Framework would represent the date they completed all the required components. If you had a L2 apprentice who already had L1 FS, but was now studying L2 FS, those L2 FS components can go on beyond the programme aim AED.

Charmaine Keeley

Ah, yes that makes sense for the stretching FS aims, thank you Ruth Canham-James