Rachel Dennis

Completing Apprentices at Gateway


I'm looking for guidance on how to process ILR data please. 

We have our first Apprentice to have gone through Gateway and is currently doing their EPA. I have completed and achieved the Functional Skills that they undertook / passed.

Do I complete and achieve (2/1) their main component aim (this is not a qualification aim) as they have finished the practical period?

Do I then leave the Programme Aim open (enrolment status '1') but with an Outcome of '8'' and an Actual End Date that matches the end of the practical period? I would then change the Programme Aim to Completed once the EPA is finished, change the Outcome to reflect the result and enter the Achievement Date (which will be the date they passed the EPA).

Thank You


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Ben James

Pretty much hit the nail on the head (assuming they actually passed their main aim that is).

Only other things would be to add the achievement date and a matching Date Applies To on the ACT.

Rachel Dennis

Thanks Ben.


Ruth Canham-James

As Ben says, yes to FS and Programme aim stuff.

With the "main component aim", it depends what it is. If it's a real qual like a Diploma, treat it like any other qual aim, just close it when they finish as 2/8, and record an outcome and grade when they pass. If you've included a non-reg (Z00) aim because you have no other components (or you just add it routinely to every standard), that doesn't represent anything anyway, so we just have script that copies the AED, Completion Status and Outcome from the Programme Aim.

Rachel Dennis

Thanks Ruth - only 2 of our 'main component aims' are actual quals (e.g. the plumbing qual for the plumbing standard). The majority are not quals, however (aim = Z00....) so I will ask our MIS team to create script (like yours) to run for these.

Thank You