Tracy Clement

Employer gone bust without paying co-investment



we have an apprentice who's employer has gone into liquidation. We are trying to support the apprentice to find a new setting.

The employer has not paid the co-investment so does this mean we will never receive the completion payment or is there some sort of solution?

Many thanks



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Ruth Canham-James

I think you need to ask ESFA on that one. They might give you special dispensation to record something differently.

Ben James

Was going to say the same as Ruth. Letter of the 'law' says no.. but ESFA can (and do) apply relaxations at their discretion. 

Darren Vidler

I'd be interested to know the outcome of this Tracy Clement if you don't mind sharing once you've spoken to the ESFA?

Tracy Clement

Thanks All and yes we will come back with their response.

Paul Rogers

Where any employer fails to pay, the training provider must retain evidence of chasing and or the reasons for the payment not being received.   When it comes to completion and the value remains outstanding you will not be entitled to the completion payment, and you should ask the ESFA if you are ok to put something into financial records to allow the payment to be released.