Steve Bowler

FRM-37 OTJ query



Just wondering what other people are doing in relation to this report. We have learners showing on this but I believe the OTJ values recorded are correct and that it's the ESFAs new calculator that rounds the duration is making it look like our figures are a couple of hours too short. When I queried it they have said that if our figures are correct then there isn't anything we need to do, however they will continue to show on the report and count towards the Apprenticeship Accountability Framework stats. This doesn't seem right and I'm not sure what the solution is, doesn't seem ideal to add a few hours to the ILR and get updated Training Plans/Agreements etc., but also doesn't seem right for them to be counting against us in the AAF when the calculation we have used follows the funding rules.

Is there a third option I'm missing that others have used?




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Darren Hands

When I queried this I was told that in effect our calculations were rounding weeks down instead of rounding them up, hence ours are showing around 6 hours short of what they are saying they should be.

They also said "It is important to remember that the FRM 37 report is a monitoring report used as an aide to ensure you are going to fulfil the OTJ requirements.  You are unable to change the planned hours once submitted but your funding won’t be affected if you ensure you meet the threshold in the ‘actual hours’."

Thankfully we tend to deliver way more than the minimum OJH.


Faye Hollingdale

Not actually related to the question but could someone please tell me where to find the FRM37 report?


many thanks

Ben James

Faye Hollingdale

You'll find it (if you have any) in View your data > Data quality assurance > Post-16 monitoring reports dashboard 

Jessica De Melo

We got the same response from the helpdesk. I added some notes to the report to show the difference (most were only out by 2/3 hours) and a statement to confirm our expectation that apprentices will complete more than the minimum. We are not amending apprenticeship agreements/training plans in the interim.

The only other thing I did was let our DfE contact know as I believe they use the AAF dashboard to inform discussions.

Faye Hollingdale

Thanks Ben, all found!