Helen Wilshaw

Break in Learning


Hi, we have a Apprentice whose Employer has just had a baby and she needs the Apprentice to take a break in learning for this reason, is this possible?  The salon will be open but she will being doing reception duties. TIA Helen.


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Ben James

Can't see a reason why not, providing it's agreed by everyone. The guidance gives some suggested reasons why someone might take a break, but this is by no means comprehensive. If their apprenticeship simply cannot continue because the Employer cannot support it for a period, then it makes sense to temporarily suspend it if the intention is that it'll resume at a later date.

Ruth Canham-James

As Ben says, as long as both parties agree, it doesn't matter why. It happened to us during COVID when some businesses were too busy to allow apprentices to continue with OTJ for a period, so they put them on a break whilst they were still working.

Helen Wilshaw

Thank you both.