Tracey Hughes



Can someone please clarify something for me, especially now that we have the new funding rules for 2024/25.

I have a learner who has been on the a level apprenticeship standard for over 12 months, achieved English at GCE 4, but math E3, during this time receiving 1 to 1 support he will never be able to achieve Level 2, despite all his effort.  The learner has been assessed by us as having a barrier to learning.

Would this learner be a good candidate for applying an exception?

It is confusing as the rules reference rules 36-38 not 39 which refers to level 3.

Thanks, if someone can clear this fog for me.



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Sarah Kelly

I`ve interpreted this as not applying to those that need to complete level 2 FS but agree as always it isn`t clear. Would love to be wrong with this one!

Ben James

Inclined to agree with Sarah. The wording definitely infers that the exception doesn't apply to level 3 apprenticeships. They make specific reference to 36-38 more than once, suggesting it's not an accident. 

Just weird they don't explicitly say "this only applies to level 2 apprenticeships".


Tracey Hughes

Sarah Kelly I couldn't agree more.  It is very frustrating especially when parts of the rule support the exception, then others reference the section under Level 2 apprenticeships.  I have emailed the Apprenticeship Service!