Peter Hancock

ESFA Update: notifications no longer received


I used to receive an email notification every Wednesday about the publication of the latest ESFA Update newsletter.  However, the last one I received was on 17/1, and nobody else in my organisation has received one since then either.  

The online version is still published here:, but curiously, the website says it was last updated on 10/1/24.  

Is anybody still receiving the email notification?  Has anybody else stopped receiving it?  


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Oh, interesting. Now you mention it, I'm only getting one notification a week that it's been published when I used to get two...

They're all here:

but that's the page I don't seem to be getting updates from, only the individual ones, eg:

have just tried re-subbing to the first page (click the "send me emails about this page" link) to see if that helps...


Ah, I see what you mean about the page not showing as updated, I bet someone new has taken it over and don't know which GDS button to push when they update... Or someone clever will have built a new way of adding this week's link to it automatically that doesn't count as an update...

Ben James

Not meaning to sound superior, but I've been getting them. However, I did semi-recently re-do the subscription process for other reasons (related to my profile/email address becoming erroneously linked to an old account I had). I suspect re-subscribing should do the trick as you've suggested Steveh



Likewise I seem to get them OK, received the below last week:

Peter Hancock

Thanks for your replies.  

A few days ago, I resubmitted my subscription to both the pages that Steveh provided the link for above:
This page still shows the last update was on 10th January, but it does have today's update (21/02/24)
(This one is probably superfluous, because the page for 10th January is not likely to be updated, is it?)

Anyway, I have been patiently waiting for an update email today, but nothing has been received so far.  Has anybody received one today yet?  If yes, from what email address was it sent?  

Henry Wish do you happen to know anything about this?


Ben James

I did, yes, at 15:51. It came from:

GOV.UK Email <>


Henry Wish (ESFA)

Good morning Peter Hancock,

 Please email with your details and they will assist you further.

Thank you,

 Henry W

Peter Hancock

Hi Henry Wish

I sent an email to that address and received the following automatic acknowledgment.  It is not clear if my email is going to be read by a human.  Could you confirm this, please?    

Thank you for your e-mail.


If you have a query, please use ESFA's online enquiries form.


If you are a further education college or training provider and wish to subscribe to ESFA Update please sign up for our GOV.UK alerts


We send ESFA Update to the email address recorded in our ‘Get information about schools’ (GIAS) system, which is provided by every academy or trust. If you are a school or academy and wish to subscribe to ESFA Update or you wish to update your contact details, please review and amend the information stored in our GIAS system.


If you are a local authority contact and you are requesting access, we will add you to the subscription list.


To sign up for all our latest news, please subscribe to our GOV.UK alerts


Best wishes,


ESFA Update team


Peter Hancock a bit late replying but I did receive the ESFA Update email last week so probably best to follow up as per Henry's post. 


Also, the old page has just been updated, and fired off an email, so I guess they've fixed/unbroken whatever was going on there:

Peter Hancock

Yes, I received a notification today at 15:23, so something has been fixed. 
Strange how some others received a notification last week, but I didn't.  

Today's notification was sent from GOV.UK Email <> with the subject Update from GOV.UK for: ESFA Update.  

My old notifications (up to 17/1) were from ESFA Update <> with the subject Latest news for further education: 17 January 2024.  

Is anybody still receiving notifications from ESFA Update <>?  


All of mine come from