Charmaine Keeley

Training Plan - do we need to update for minor amends


Good morning, 

We have a learner who was off sick for 2 weeks - not long enough for a BIL. They missed some planned training sessions and these have been rescheduled for later in the programme.

The actual activities in the training plan remain the same, and the end date remains unchanged. 

Do we need to update the training plan to show the revised date for the missed activities? Or do we only need to update if we add / remove activities or change overall end dates? Apprentices miss sessions for a variety of reasons, and it seems a lot of work to amend the TP to keep it absolutely accurate at all times. 

Grateful for any advice.

Thank you.


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Steven Edmondson

I agree with your logic and wouldn't amend the training plan in such a case, only for substantial adjustments.

Sarah Kelly

I`ve always thought that if the session takes place in a different month or the sequencing change then an amendment is required. I agree it is a lot of extra work in terms of monitoring and processing. If anyone has been audited then I`d welcome their feedback as this would save us a lot of time.

Jessica De Melo

I would like to hear from other providers on this too. We would not currently amend the training plan in that scenario given there were no changes to the delivery (only timing) and programme length. 

Melanie Aspinall

I agree with you Jessica De Melo. That's our process too.

Charmaine Keeley

Just to come back with an update on this one, I have been in contact with Apprenticeship Service Support about this as I was after a definition of 'key impact' referred to in 89.4.1. Their response: 

This matter was escalated to Specialist Support and their advice is as follows "The rules that would apply here is: 89.4.1 We only expect the training plan to be agreed and re-signed by the employer where a) new content is added or removed; b) the planned learning end date has changed; or c) any re-planned off-the-job training (that was missed or not delivered) has a key impact on the hours which employers need to release learners for in future.

89.4.2 Changes to the training plan that fall outside of the examples above do not need an employer signature.
The training plan should guide the delivery and so if they are changing things significantly than I'd say the plan should be updated. But as per the above the employer doesn't need to sign. If it's just rescheduling a missed class then the plan does not need to be updated."

So for us, the OTJ associated with the rescheduled activities does not change, therefore unless rescheduling it results in a change to the planned end date, we won't be updating the training plan. I'll keep the email they sent me in case of any issues at future audits! 


Jessica De Melo

Thanks for sharing Charmaine, that's helpful to have confirmed.