Andrew Dickens

Training dates in DAS




I have come across a query from an employer regarding dates that go into DAS.  The guidance is also a bit confusing.  All of the fields in DAS state that it should be the training planned end date and the guidance states:


The training provider

For apprenticeship standards starting from August 2019, the planned end date is when the training provider and apprentice will complete the training that relates to the learning aim. This does not include the time with an end-point assessment organisation.

The training provider must also enter an ‘achievement date’ for all end-point assessments from 1 August 2019. This is the date that the apprentice completed the whole apprenticeship (including the end-point assessment period). 

However, at the bottom of the same guidance it says: 

The employer

The employer (or the training provider on their behalf) only needs to enter the projected finish date for the whole apprenticeship in the apprenticeship service. This includes the end-point assessment period.


So should you include the EPA period on DAS or not?  I think the payment amounts are based from ILR as long as the start months are correct.  Therefore including EPA period shouldn't alter monthly payment amounts if your planned end in ILR is the practical period.


I'd welcome thoughts as i'm confused!


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Ruth Canham-James

It ultimately doesn't matter. As you say, the payments are based on the ILR data. the difference of using the PED or the estimated EPA end date in DAS may possibly make a small difference in the employer funding projections if they're a levy payer, but won't do anything else.

It's definitely not clear as it's been asked a few times before. I think in theory, you're meant to put the whole apprenticeship end date in the DAS, which then doesn't match your ILR end date. We've always entered ILR Planned end date on DAS, unless an employer queries it, and we let them use the overall end date if it matters to them. The field in the DAS is actually labelled "Planned End Date" in some screens, which is categorically not the overall end date. You'll find different providers use different dates.

If ESFA move to using the DAS as the primary source for funding (which they keep discussing), they'll have to have the PED in the DAS too, as that's the one that impacts on funding dates.

Andrew Dickens

Thank you Ruth Canham-James  that is how I interpret and approach it. It is just i've never had a query from an employer before. 



Eleanor Piper

The ESFA confirmed to me when I asked a similar question that DAS is supposed to use overall end dates including EPA.

My interpretation of that guidance is that the Learning Provider paragraphs refer to the ILR - it mentions achievement date and also a YYYY-MM-DD date format, neither of which is applicable to the DAS.

The Employer section specifically refers to the DAS and is clear that the projected end date should include the EPA period.

Our organisation are both an employer and a provider and this is how I do things.


Ruth Canham-James

I agree Eleanor, but the DAS then should perhaps stop referring to it as "Planned End Date"! Since it doesn't make any difference anyway, I can't get that worried about it.

Eleanor Piper

Yes, the guidance is really unclear and the difference in terminology between different systems, screens and documents really doesn't help.

Ben James

If it was ambiguous I'd care less, but it's the fact it specifically asks you to enter the 'planned training end date'

Andrew Dickens

I'm Glad I'm not alone in my frustrations in this. 


Thanks all And Kudos Ben James for the reply that matched my expression!