Sam Bern

LRS Down


Hi all,

Just checking that this isn't me just going crazy. Is the LRS down for everyone? I know a lot of the URLS have changed in the last few years and wanted to check I hadn't missed anything. It's been down since yesterday which is quite a long time. This is the URL I'm usin


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Steven Edmondson

Same here since yesterday, must be a lot of maintaining to do!

Steve Hewitt

At least it's a friendly "down for maintenance" page at the link, not just a 404, which implies it's intentional!

Louise Tomkins

Agreed, mine is down too

Steve Hewitt

Aha, knew it must be somewhere:

Should've just been yesterday...


Andy (EFSA) (ESFA)


LRS was taken down yesterday for scheduled maintenance.  Unfortunately we have run into some issues releasing the changes and is still offline as a result.

The team are working hard on the resolution and will get LRS back online as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience.

Andy (EFSA) (ESFA)

Hi All,

The update to LRS has been successfully completed and is now available again.

Apologies for the inconvenience and thank you again for your patience.