Steve Bowler

Missing record on DAS?



Just wondering if anybody has any suggestions about this query. We had a record for a new Apprentice on DAS within the 'with employer' section just waiting for them to approve it. It is no longer showing in there so I thought it was approved, however the learner isn't showing when I search within 'manager your apprentices' and it hasn't gone back into 'ready for review' either. This happened yesterday afternoon so I thought maybe it just needed some time to update but it's still the same today...

Any ideas? They wouldn't be able to delete the cohort without me being notified would they?



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Louise Tomkins

Hi Steve, 

Just to add, you are not alone, we had a cohort we updated yesterday and it showed approved but has now gone into the ether as the apprentices are not showing and neither is the cohort any more.

My team called the helpdesk, to be told we needed to liaise with the employer, but it seems this may be a bug rather than individual provider issues. We will raise it again, but worth you doing the same.

Hope this helps


Andrew Dickens



I've come on to ask the same thing.  well similar. 


We added learners to several cohorts and sent to the employer for approval yesterday, and none of them have received the requests to approve cohorts, and they can't see them in their system either. 

Has anyone heard anything else back?  given it is claim tomorrow and these will cause datalocks stopping payments. 

Steven Edmondson

Same problem here yesterday with a couple of different cohorts.

Callum Jones

We are also having issues where we have not been receiving notifications of Stops/Pauses/New cohorts. Last notification was received at 12:38 yesterday (04/06) but nothing received since then despite actions definitely being taken. 


Steve Bowler

Hmm sounds like there may be something wrong with the system that started yesterday afternoon as mine was fine before then, glad to know it's not just me :-)

Andrew Dickens

Just to let everyone know, i've discovered that if you have sent cohorts to employers but they've not received notification contact them directly and tell them to login to the system and the requests are there for them to approve. 

It's not ideal, but its a work around with Claim day tomorrow.


Hope this helps

Ashley Varley

We've been on the phone to the helpdesk twice today. There is a system wide issue of approved cohorts disappearing completely (typically right near claim day). They have just taken all the effected learners/employer details from us to pass to the tech support team who are working on the issue. Just need to wait and see what happens. We are going to run a claim to see if those learners appear as DLOCKs for missing DAS - assuming if they don't, then it's gone through and just not showing on the DAS interface.  

Andrew Dickens

Ashley Varley  I've done the same.  FYI i ran a claim and the impacted learners are coming up as DLOCK 2 at the moment.  I managed to escalate it through and speak directly to the technical team and they told me that they are aware of it and are working on it, and whilst wouldn't go as far as confirming, said they hoped it would be sorted today

Steve Bowler

Haven't had an answer back from anybody however I've just checked on DAS and the two learners that were missing are now showing so hopefully the system is fixed :-)

Louise Tomkins

Agreed Steve, we've started to get notifications again and our missing learners are now visible, so I think its fixed too.

Andrew Dickens

Yes, i can confirm ours are back in the system this morning and a claim i've run has cleared the DLOCKS. 


Thank goodness.  Happy R10 day everyone