Delivery Location Postcode


We are running a few different traineeship courses at the moment. We are holding our employability sessions/training remotely over teams. Is there a certain delivery location postcode we should be using in the ILR? We usually use the placement's postcode for work experience and the postcode for our centre when we were running courses in-house but unsure what to use for remote delivery. Should we continue to use our centre postcode?


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Steve Hewitt

Per ILR Spec, you should use ZZ99 9ZZ for *fully* remote delivery but bear in mind that if you're in London or the South East this means you *won't* generate Area Cost Uplift. If they're coming in for any of it, I'd use the centre postcode.

Ruth Canham-James

Just piggy backing on this thread, what delivery location postcode do you use for apprentices who do some OTJ in the workplace and some at the provider? I thought I knew, but the ILR spec just doesn't specify, so now I'm doubting myself.

Kelly Knights

I'm not fully sure how uplifts work for apprenticeships but would it not be connected to the employer ID/ERN?

Jessica De Melo

We are using ZZ99 9ZZ until we return to full classroom training. We are however in a similar position to Ruth - we rely on some OTJ training provided by the employer. Would be good to know what postcode to use in those circumstances!

Dan Hodgetts

Ruth Canham-James - did you ever get an answer to your question in here?

"What delivery location postcode do you use for apprentices who do some OTJ in the workplace and some at the provider?"

We are 100% online delivery with blend of TP-led group/1:1 sessions + apprentice directed self-study which is mostly done in the workplace or at home during working hours (if they work from home).

We are using ZZ99 9ZZ for EVERYONE, but want to be sure we are right



Ruth Canham-James

I didn't get an answer to my question. 

I think if they just happen to be doing some of in the workplace, that's not relevant. If it's delivered in a classroom environment in the workplace, that's relevant?